​   GCHB, CH Wy Not Just A Country Girl II 

(GCH, Ch WyNot Small Town Sod Buster x GCH, Ch. WyNot Just One Button)

UPDATE 5/16/2021 - After months of trying to settle the issue privately, I received the following email:

From: Garden Boston Terriers <gardenbostonterriers@gmail.com> 
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2021 12:48 PM
To: Kathryn Currier <kcurrier@wyomingwireless.com>
Subject: Jewel Proposal


The damage has been done and can not be undone. You have succeeded with ruining my reputation and many breeders have now said that they will never do business with me. This could have easily been handled amicably in private, but you chose otherwise. 

All we have left to discuss is our co-ownership of Jewel and her future. You have indicated that you are not interested in pursuing her show career and are only interested in utilizing her breeding potential. 

Therefore, this is my proposal -

We can breed Jewel to Chili or the stud of your choice next year (this will allow me time to complete her current campaign) since you say her offspring is what you mostly want. 

This could and should be done using modern techniques such as sperm count, motility testing, hormone testing and side-by-side insemination at a reproductive clinic at a neutral location within reasonable distance. You could ship the semen or have the stud transported to the vet's location, your choice.

I will whelp and give you the ENTIRE first litter if you will sign off on her afterwards. You pay for the breeding costs and I will pay for the whelping costs and puppy care. 

I am sure that we can agree on a neutral third party that would be glad to act as a proxy during the breeding and witnessing of delivery, as well as delivering the puppies to you when they reach the proper weaning age. 

I believe that the cost of the puppy delivery should be your responsibility, I'm sure someone in your support group will be glad to help.

In addition to any contract we may agree on, there should be a clause that secures Jewel's future in the event that something happens to one of us.

I think that this solution would be the best to resolve our dispute in a time effective manner. However, if you want to proceed with co-ownership over the span of her reproductive life cycle, we can discuss other resolutions as long as she continues to remain in my primary care.


Toni Oliva
Garden Boston Terriers
3916 N Potsdam Ave PMB 2638
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

A fairly new acquaintance – “Toni” (now Garden Boston Terriers)– seeking help in understanding, showing, and breeding Bostons visited for several days in the spring of 2020. She fell in love with a male puppy which I gave her. After working with dogs for several days, she wanted to try her hand in the show ring. Hoping to help her see if this was something she truly wanted to do, I let her take what I considered to be a very nice show prospect female puppy – “Jewel” – to perhaps get her breed championship, then return her to me. To be eligible for owner-handler competition, Toni’s name was added to the registration. No money exchanged hands because it was always the understanding that Jewel would be returned to me.

Soon thereafter Toni hired a professional handler, Erin Piercy, to show Jewel. This was highly successful but not my plan, and though I paid portions of it when asked for help, I kept asking when Jewel would return home. I didn’t object to her continuing to show briefly but made it clear I could not afford to be financially involved. I had not actively shown for several years due to the failing health of my husband of 59 years and his ultimate passing that spring.

After Jewel’s tremendous success with Erin, Toni picked her up from Erin and then tried the owner-handler ring. Jewel was supposed to be returned to me after the AKC National Show in Orlando December 2020. I was repeatedly promised, “Just one more show,” when I persisted in having Jewel returned to me. This continued for weeks. I would think she was returning, be told that she was, in fact, finally on her way home, only to find she was in the ring again. 

Finally, I demanded Jewel’s return to me, and I received an email from Toni that she had "decided" to keep her, show her another year, and control future breedings on this dog I had worked for over 20 years to produce. She stated she "needed" her and I didn’t, that I could “just breed another,” but at 83 years of age, that is a daunting task to even think about, much less accomplish. Every litter does not have a "Jewel." Since then I have had no contact about Jewel though I’ve pleaded to find out where and how she is since I have not seen her for months. She has been away from home now for over a year.  I have about $10,000 invested in this venture with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Since I have received no regular communication from Toni as to Jewel’s condition, activities, show entries, or well-being for months, I am nearly frantic about the entire situation and feel so betrayed by someone I trusted. If anyone sees Jewel or knows of her whereabouts, please contact me

(307) 322-1545

I desperately want Jewel back home where she belongs. I don’t like seeking information in this way, but I’ve tried everything else. Toni and I co-own a dog; we are NOT partners. 
Wy Not Boston Terriers
                            Kathryn Currier                                                Wheatland, Wyoming
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​(Co-Owners -- Kathryn Currier & Toni Oliva)
I am extremely proud of Erin Piercy and Jewel for their amazing accomplishments. Erin began showing Jewel in the puppy class, and in very short order put on a championship, grand championship, a few BOB’s, several BOS in shows and in specialties, some group placements, all before Jewel was a year old. Culminating their accomplishments Erin showed Jewel to a BOS at the AKC national show in Orlando at just 13 months of age. Congratulations to a great team - Erin and Jewel.
Erin & Jewel
Jewel and Toni
UPDATE 4/10/2021:

At 5:39 a.m. - Toni called to inform me I MUST accept her choice of a stud dog to breed to Jewel and her terms OR, "just like one of your barn kitties, Jewel will be fixed."  AKC has been notified of the breeding situation.

UPDATE 1/26/2022:

The Court ordered Jewel to be returned to her home in Wyoming.  She is now back home in Wheatland, WY.