Handy and Chip (Bostons) and Reane and Charm (German Shepherds) want to say, "Howdy" to visitors at their Riverton home.
DEDICATED TO: The total Boston, sound of mind and body and capable of acquiring
                                     titles on both ends  
                                     Promoting the breed as the all-around dog, capable of many things, 
                                     not restricted to being "just a pet" or "a lap dog."
                                     Breeding a dog with strong, correct physical structure combined    
                                     with a sharp, eager, trainable mind


WyNot Bostons is located in southeast Wyoming near the small town of Wheatland, nestled near the beautiful Laramie Range.  I have had dogs and other animals all my life.  Our 3 children grew up very  involved in showing sheep, llamas, goats, cattle, rabbits, chickens, and especially horses and dogs. Through the years we have had a variety of herding dogs, Terriers, Boxers, and Chihuahuas, along with several rescue dogs mostly mixed breeds.  My interest settled on Boston Terriers though I still have German Shepherds.  I love the temperament, physical ability, and trainability of the Boston.  They are avid participants in breed ring, obedience, and agility.  My goal is to produce the all-around, physically and mentally sound Boston, capable of performing in a variety of ways.   
The name WyNot Bostons originated partially from the state of Wyoming, but more from the idea that though we live in cattle and sheep country, where every pickup sports an Australian Shepherd,  or Cattle Dog or a Border Collie, and though herding dogs dominate the visibility and work load within the area, don't overlook those little packages.  I have done minimal tracking and herding, and considerable obedience, rally, and agility with Bostons, therefore the question:  WyNot Bostons?   

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