A Bit Of Imperfection


(Reality Check 101)

Hi, my name is Goody
my "mom" named me for the blimp,
I am not very pretty,
and I travel with a limp.

My nose is long and pink, and
my big ears flop, you see,
But I get around just fine
though for legs, I have but three

I'll never win a prize
nor enter that famous "ring"
But I'll love you with all my heart,
and that's an important thing

You see, I am so very happy
as I leap and spin and run
and scatter leaves and cats and such
in true, typical Boston fun

I love to fetch a ball
and romp with all my friends
Climbing stairs I've mastered,
and jumping, well, that depends

But love me as I am;
my heart is strong and true,
I'll try my very hardest
to do most anything for you

So, just lean over now a bit;
I'll leap into your arms,
Wash your face, make you laugh
and dissuade you with my charms

I wiggle and await your voice
to come bounding when you call,
Cuz when it comes to lovin'
I'm not handicapped at all.

"Goody," third from left,  plays with her friends in the yard. 
Goody running with her friends!!
   Goody resting.